A Paris Book Barge

The Little Paris Bookshop, is actually a barge, a book barge, in which Jean Perdu sells books to people who need them, he has a kind of sixth sense on what people are searching for, what ails them and how to match a book and sooth the heart of the ailing reader. The book barge is tied up on the river Sein in Paris where people can read and buy books. Perdu has a longing and loss for a girl he loved twenty odd years ago. When she left him, she left a note witch Monsieur Perdu, being devastated by her parting had refused to open.

One day a young, first time novelist, comes on board the book barge, he is in disguise but, Perdu recognised him as Max Jordan, who’s first novel is all the rage and he is a bit of a celebrity. He has lost something too, his muse, his inability to write a follow up book.

The book is about searching for something lost, about friendship and love, down through the waterways and canals of France on the book barge. This is a lovely whimsical novel, just when I thought I was reading something from the eighteen hundred’s, Perdu would mention a novel, Harry Potter or a Game of Thrones book and I’d remember it’s set in our time. That is not a criticism of the story telling, I think it is a plus, it makes the book seem timeless. I think this is a book for book lovers.

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