Inside The Crocodile

I think: Inside The Crocodile, is the authors third travel book and memoir, all three are brilliant and very different. From the trek in the high mountains of Bhutan to the Easter celebrations on the island of Mogpog in the Philippines, Trish Nicholson has given us some wonderful insights into a world of colour and beauty, a world way of the beaten track and educated us in cultures we may never encounter in our own travels.

Inside the Crocodile is the story of her five years working on a project funded by the World Bank, in Papua New Guiney. She seems to have an impossible job, with all the politicians and the ever-changing work force and bosses but, she is a very resourceful woman. From island hopping in small aircraft, landing on jungle grass strips, to beach to beach reaching communities by motor boat, she is determined to get the job done. There is time for “fun” with her brilliant description of a harrowing jungle hike, with a traversing over the thundering River Strickland on a very flimsy and dangerous rope and vine bridge, while managing to drag along one of their co trekkers, who have come down with, what appears to be malaria.

Malaria will play a part as the whole story unfolds, when Trish, nearly dies, suffering a bad bout that has been creeping up on her as the years go by. I really enjoyed this memoir, it is beautifully written, with wonderful passages describing the jungle; the plants, birds and wildlife, a crocodile under a blackboard included.

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