This is all new

I have paid for a new version of WordPress. Not sure how it works, so this blog post is really a test piece.

I am going to see Hamlet on Tuesday night. My oldest boy Tom is going with me, bless him. I will try and write a post on our experience. I hope by setting up this account, it will encourage me to do more writing in the future.


4 thoughts on “This is all new

    1. thewhitespike Post author

      Hi Sue, we are both looking forward to Hamlet, I am anyway. I’m not sure how to get the best out of this new blog, paid £23 for a year to get my own domain etc, hoped its worth it. Stay tuned 🙂


    1. thewhitespike Post author

      Thanks Anne, think this will take me some time to work out. Not to blog, that’s easy enough, but to get my blog looking good. I will try that 101 thing you mentioned.



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